DSS DSS Distributed Systems Software, Inc.

DSS provides expert software design, system implementation, and professional services, specializing in Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and other Unix platforms.

Our areas of expertise

Distributed systems: several computers doing something together
Software tools: programs that are valuable in the production of other programs

What we do

DSS provides system implementation, project management, and consulting services related to:

DSS is responsible for the design and implementation of DACS (the Distributed Access Control System), an open source, light-weight single sign-on system that provides extended authentication and access control capabilities for Apache and web-based services. DACS web services and commands can be used by application software, scripts, server software, and CGI programs for authentication and authorization checking functionality. DACS is a key component of Canada's National Forest Information System (NFIS) and has been deployed by other governmental agencies, businesses, and projects (About DACS).

DSS provides complete technical support for DACS. Additional information about DACS is available at dacs.dss.ca.

For information about tdbm, an embedded high-performance database, please visit its microsite at tdbm.dss.ca.
[I'm not sure at what point tdbm morphed into an acronym for "The DataBase Machine". Officially, it is "Transactional DBM", or "DBM with (Atomic) Transactions".]

Other projects we have recently been working on include:

DSS was involved in the design and implementation of the NoSQL Dxstore Database System, an open source database for Linux, FreeBSD, and other systems. (This project has been in hibernation for quite some time.)


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Open source software and technical papers

A variety of open source licensed software is available. Although some of it is now very old, many packages continue to see regular use on a wide variety of platforms. A few packages can be found in commercial products, including millions of Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods, as well as being used by other software.

Some older technical papers on distributed databases, directory services, and other topics are also available.

About DSS

Incorporated in 1996 and privately-held, DSS can bring an uncommon amount of knowledge and experience to almost any distributed systems project, as is clear from the company's unusually varied list of specialties and exceedingly deep background in many areas.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us.


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